Are you looking for a tool where you can manage your content & also quite friendly? Then, the best tool to use to manage your content is “WordPress”. And if you have chosen to start your Blogging career, then there are multiple WordPress themes for successful blogging to explore. Bloggers, in general, to start their career, start their blogging with WordPress since it is a very user friendly.

Additionally, if you know the best themes to use, it helps you in utilizing the amazing themes for your blog. Hence, to be a successful and value-adding blogger, you must explore the best themes in trend and let us look in detail. These word press themes can be used for personal blogs, professional blogs, lifestyle blogs, Tech Blogs etc. etc.

If you are worried that you are not sure about the coding part-like HTML/CSS, then you might go with the decision of not creating your theme. In WordPress, there are lots of customized themes in the various niches that are available, hence you can make use of it. 

If you write daily with the best themes, you can rank higher in search engines which is an added advantage. WordPress offers you lots of customizations that are accessible in various devices-Android, IOS, Laptop etc. However, consistency is required while using up the themes of your choice and let’s look into the best 11

 So here are the best WORDPRESS themes for bloggers in 2020

  1. ASTRA:

                             If you are starting up a blog and thinking to express your views on yourself which shows your own values, then the best WordPress theme is Astra. 

This theme comes with a lot of customization options & as per your need, you can design your website. If you are a newbie and starting up a new blog, then Astra is the top WordPress theme with more than a million users & extensive support which is there. 

The highlight of this theme is you can display your social media icons, Business info without any support of other plugins.


                            Hueman is the theme that you can use without any second thought. Yes, this is designed in such a way that around 60,000 websites use this Hueman WordPress theme. 

It is designed in such a way that helps in bringing more traffic and higher engagement. This is suggested for your personal blog startup, however quite good for a website with a lot of posts and pages that require more engagement.


                            Among the best WordPress themes, this theme is one of the quite elegant themes you can opt for. This theme is SEO optimized with a magazine layout and with various post layouts. 

This theme is meant for its instant responsiveness and speed and the number of users is quite minimal but used for its elegance and its optimization.

4. OceanWP:

                             The best WordPress theme for blogging with the highest downloads is OceanWP. This theme is a widely used one and this theme is a highly customizable one. 

The color and pattern of the theme is quite lighter and can be customized with Woocommerce. And this theme works in all the devices and overall a multipurpose WordPress theme.


                          If you have an idea or started up with a news blog or related to magazine review, etc, then the best WordPress theme is Elegant magazine. 

This theme is exclusively set up for news and magazines with a lot of customizations accordingly. As the name suggests, it’s quite elegant in nature. You can make use of this theme with various layouts for travel blogging, news sites with SEO optimized support.


                            Are you looking for a theme that is mobile-friendly too, then WordPress theme is Nisarg. 

This theme is perfect for Blogging and especially recommended for your personal blogging, Travelling blog, cooking blog, etc. It has options with translation features and is said to be mobile & tab friendly to use. 


                          If you are looking for a theme with multifunctional activities, then you can opt for Revive. Yes, it is designed in such a way that its responsiveness to mobile usage is higher. 

It also comes with Font customizations, layouts, and lots more. The usage of the theme is quite minimal, however, the benefits of this theme are quite phenomenal.


                           Looking for a colorful theme, then go with the Scratchpad theme which provides you with that option. This theme is quite simple and has been created with some beautiful patterns and drawings. 

This WordPress theme works well if you post more and comes with a sidebar on the right side and at the bottom one. 


                           You started your blogging career, however, thinking of saving your time in setting up your own website with an amazing theme. Then, the best WordPress theme is “Modernize”. Added to the time-saving factor, if you are more into content and want to have a theme that is so simpler, then this is the one. 

However, it’s simple, it comes with features like adding a logo, making use of several templates and adding social media icons, etc.


              IFeature is the WordPress theme for blogging that is quite professional and the best one to start with. It comes with few customizations and requires your little efforts in order to start with. 

Added to it, it comes with a header and as well as Testimonial Menu which helps you in adding some positive responses that add more specific features to kick start your conversion. Additionally, it also has a footer & Author bio that can be added too. You can also add the translation feature too. This is quite responsive in iPhones, Android mobiles.


                         Among all WordPress themes, the top most WordPress theme as well as the best WordPress theme is Hestia. This theme helps you to choose on their demo page to select the pages that are going to be useful for your blogging and can customize it. 

And this is mobile friendly and its resolution, the screen touch is quite wonderful. And also, this theme works well with Woocommerce, so you can switch your blogging career to the next stage too. Overall, for fulfilling all your complete blogging needs, this theme is the best one. 

Therefore, there are various WordPress themes that suit all your needs based on the niche and the blog you are going to kick start with. You can choose the themes based on your personal interest, recommendations. The themes are based on the customizations which you can work on yourself or try putting in more effort, to set up an appropriate website with an amazing theme. 


Here, we have handpicked 11 WordPress themes that are highly used on a day to day basis. However, there are around 8000+ WordPress themes that are free as well as a premium version(Paid) one. It’s always better you choose the theme based on your niche and also you can combine your favorite theme with other themes to bring it a wonderful one. 

There are a lot of simpler designs that require minimal efforts until a few themes that require your efforts to set it up and start your blogging career. If you love to go ahead with your passion and keep growing, then choosing the best WordPress theme for your successful blogging is a must.

That creates a huge impact on the audience who visits and also helps in higher engagement and increasing your traffic too. Hence, choose the WordPress theme and be successful in your Blogging. 

Thanks for reading…………..

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