How to save battery on your Android phone

How to save battery on your Android phone

If you guys remember some years back the phone which we used to have battery life for weeks. There was no pressure on charging them frequently.

Now, most of the people use smartphones whose battery drain so fast that it doesn’t even last for a day.

However, there are some things you can do to keep it running for longer so that you are not looking for the charger quite so often.

We have some tips which will surely work on Android Phones.

Close all unused apps on your smartphone.

Once after using your apps, you press the home button on your smartphone thinking that it is out of sight, but it is actually consuming power from your phone sitting in the background of the phone.

So we advise you to close background apps by swiping them and holding them if you have gesture controls. Or you can close them whichever option is quicker on your phone.

Go Power Saving Mode

If you have got a phone with a Night shield or Power saving mode. Then you can turn them on.

By turning them ON your device start consuming less power. So using this mode your phone can last longer without reaching for the charger quite so often.


If you want your device to be working longer then it is better to switch off some settings.

Your Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and your mobile data drain your battery. So it can be worth switching off one or several of these if you are not using them.

We suggest you do this in between by taking short breaks. This can be easy to keep your phone lasting as long as possible

Turn off Display

If you want your device to be lasting longer then you should turn off your display.

Some phone has live wallpapers which have actual moving images that can drain your battery completely. Some people have the habit of looking at the phone’s menu frequently. 

So it is better to change your wallpaper to a static mode so that your phone lasts much longer.

Use Lighter Apps

We should try to download lighter version apps from Google. 

Apps like Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite consume less power. So if you use them for some or all of your social media or connectivity apps you will find yourself saving lots of power.

Use Original Charger

Always use the original charger for your smartphone. If you really care about your phone we advise you to use original phones.

Sometimes these grey market batteries ruin our phone.

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