How to use WhatsApp Web on your laptop/desktop.

How to use WhatsApp Web on your laptop/desktop.

Whenever you are sitting in the comfort of your home or office it is difficult to manage between working or browsing the web and keeping up with your chats.

You can use WhatsApp on your computer. So let’s take a look and see how to get started with WhatsApp Web on your computer.

1. Download the desktop app

The First Step is to install WhatsApp from App Store or Google Play on your iPhone or any Android device.

Once this is done you should download the desktop app for either Windows or macOS. You can easily find this on the WhatsApp website, Microsoft Store, or Mac App Store.  

2. Connect to your phone

Once you have installed and launched WhatsApp Desktop you need to connect to your phone. When you first launch the app you will get a QR code which will be displayed on the screen.

Open your WhatsApp on your phone and tap the 3 dot setting menu and select WhatsApp Web. Place your phone camera on the QR code which is displayed on the desktop screen.

As soon as your phone camera reads the QR code you will be logged into your account.

3. Finding contacts

The WhatsApp Web will sync with your phone as soon as you scan the QR code and you’ll see the same contacts and messages as you can on your phone.

You can choose the name of the person from the search bar and enjoy the chat comfortably on the big screen with a keyboard.

4. Sending messages 

You’ll find it much faster to type with your computer keyboard rather than your phone’s touchscreen, and you still have access to emoji. Click the smiley face button to the left of the message box and you’ll find a selection of emoji, stickers’. You can either browse through what’s available or use the search box to find something quickly.

You can access a menu that lets you forward, star, or reply to a specific message.

 5. Sending pictures and files

You can send images or files just like you were doing it on your phone screen. Click the paperclip icon at the upper right of a chat, and you can choose between different types of attachments. The ‘Photos & Videos’ icon lets you add files stored on your hard drive, but you can also use the camera button to take new shots. You also have the option of sending documents or contact information from the attachment menu.

6. Group chats and audio messages 

Just as on your phone, you can use group chats to speak with multiple people. Click the ‘+’ button at the highest of your list of contacts, then click the New Group.

Click the names of everyone you’d wish to include, click the green arrow then assign a name and image to the group. It’s not possible to conduct voice calls with WhatsApp Web, but you’ll click the microphone button within the message box to record and send a sound recording whether in the group or individual chats.

7. Configuring app and profile settings 

To configure your profile setting you have to click the 3 dot menu above your list of contacts.

You should click “Profile” to change your profile picture, or change your name. You can change the notification setting, your background color, and other settings as per your requirement.

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